Let’s Make: Sugar Skull Crafts

While we each have our own interests, hobbies and obsessions, like many of you, The Wilderness Girls all love Pinterest…a lot. We use the site in so many different ways, from collecting images to sharing sites we love. Last December, to celebrate the holidays, we got together for brunch and an afternoon of crafting. We each worked on a project inspired by a craft that we’d pinned. We’ve even used the site to plan our annual Fall Foliage trip, pinning cabin options, recipes to try and info on hiking trails to check out.

To celebrate Halloween, we wanted to do another Pinterest challenge; each girl was tasked with finding a pin to inspire a craft that fit our theme. What was the theme you ask? Sugar skulls. If you’ve scoured Halloween themed pins lately, you’ve probably noticed they’re everywhere; and we’re smitten. We love the intricate patterns, rainbow of colors and that no two are alike.

Christie’s sugar skull craft was inspired by this pin.


From Christie: “I went crazy with Dia de los Muertos this year and I recruited Scott, my sister and a friend to help paint a variety of skulls for an alter. When I saw the pins for sugar cube skulls, I knew it would be the perfect compliment to a painting party. By buying a cheap skeleton candy mold, you can create your own skull and bone cubes with flavors for champagne cocktails.”

Christina loved that her sugar skull craft, inspired by this pin could be used outdoors.


From Christina: “As I was scouring Pinterest for a sugar skull themed craft, I was looking for something that I wouldn’t have to put away with my Halloween decorations. I love the folk art decor that surrounds the Dia de los Muertos holiday and was looking for something that could be on display all year long. I like to have lots of plants around the house, so when I saw these sugar skull plant pots, I knew this was the perfect project for me. These pots add a pop of color to the room and bring a smile to my face!”

Jenny loved that this pin used puff paint to create an intricate design.


From Jenny: “Being the least crafty of our incredibly talented group of Wilderness Girls, I wanted to pick a medium that I knew would be relatively easy to work with, so flashing back to my childhood in the 80s, puffy paint was a natural choice. It’s fun, gives great texture, dries within four hours, and is easy to control. For those of you with kids, this would be a perfect craft for a Halloween party.”

Rachael created a funky broach using this pin as inspiration.


From Rachael: “As a native Midwesterner I had celebrated All Souls Day in church but I had never seen the observance of Dia de los Muertos. What color, fanfare and celebration! When I saw I knew I had to have one of my own. It took some time to plan out the design – it certainly wasn’t as easy as I expected – but I love the results and can’t wait to sport my new Day of the Dead broach.”

Need more inspiration? Check out these awesome sugar skull DIY projects:


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How do you use Pinterest? Have you ever gotten together with your pals for a Pinterest challenge? So many people complain that the site has made it harder to get crafty. We think this is a great way to get together with friends and actually use an image or tutorial you’ve pinned to create something amazing.

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P.S. Remember, homemade ≠ perfect. Just have fun!


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