Friday Finds: Toys!

Ever find something on your trip down the internet rabbit-hole that you just have to share with the world? The Wilderness Girls do! Every week we will link you to our favorite bits of the internet right here on Friday Finds. Click the links below to check out this week’s selections – it’s all about toys!

OneWorld Futbol: A nearly indestructible soccer ball, that will stay inflated even if it’s punctured. The best part? If you buy one, they’ll give one to an organization that works with disadvantaged youth.

Homemade Toy Ideas: Lots of great ideas for toys you can DIY with household items you typically throw away!

GoldieBlox: Even back in the day when I was in college, engineering schools were desperately trying to get more female students to join their schools. Someone got smart and decided that it might be a good idea to start marketing to girls at a younger age who are interested in building. Check out this great commercial for GoldieBlox (and I also like how they took a Beastie Boys song and turned its lyrics into a more empowering message).

Melissa and Doug Toys: When Jenny told me about GoldieBlox, I got excited thinking about toys. I love the idea of giving girls lots of choices in playthings. Some of our favorite toys come from Melissa and Doug. These toys are often handmade of natural materials. I couldn’t find a specific sustainability statement from the company but I know these toys are durable and can entertain many children in their useful life. There’s one of those 4R’s I love – Reuse!

Green Toys for Kids: A more exhaustive search for eco-friendly toys brought me to the 2012 green gift guide for kids. It looks like they publish their guide in early December so I hope we see an update in a few weeks but there are some great buys here that will teach the kiddos important lessons about environmental sustainability while they have a lot of holiday fun.

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