Quick Gift Idea: Poppin’ Pedicure Set

Have you ever been handed a sweet little package by someone who wasn’t on your gift list? I just hate that! While I believe it’s the thought that counts, I like to keep a stash of little gifts I can give in return as a way to say thank you.

FINAL_CH_PediPoppers1_120413   FINAL_CH_PediPoppers2_120413

Supplies needed: toilet paper roll, gift wrap, scissors, tape, ribbon, nail polish & pedicure tools. 1. Cut a piece of gift wrap a couple inches wider than the toilet paper roll (this will allow you to tie the ends off). 2. Wrap the toilet paper roll and secure with a small piece of tape, leaving both ends open. 3. Tie off one end of the popper with ribbon. 4. Place pedicure tools inside the popper. 4. Tie off the open end of the popper with ribbon. 5. Fluff ends.

FINAL_CH_PediPoppers3_120413   FINAL_CH_PediPoppers4_120413

These little pedi poppers would make great gifts for neighbors, co-workers or your boyfriend’s best friend’s new girlfriend. They don’t have to be filled with pedicure tools either. Fill them with candy, art supplies, or even a cute pair of earrings.

I can’t wait to make more!


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  1. Kimberly Jackson says:

    Cute Idea.

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