Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

Gift cards and cash (or “the universal gift card,” as my dad calls it) are becoming more and more common to find under the tree or in your stocking during the holiday season. And why not? They are easy to find (most grocery stores have kiosks of cards from dozens of retailers), and, as long as you choose a store the recipient likes, you can avoid the “this is the wrong size/color/style” issue. I am a big fan of gift cards, and so is my family.

Because of this, I give a lot of gift cards around the holidays. But every year I face the same problem — how can I wrap a gift card so that it isn’t obvious that it’s a gift card? And most importantly, how can I do this without using a lot of packaging that will just end up in the trash, OR without spending a lot of money?

The first thing you want to do is think about your recipient and what they might use that could double as wrapping. In my situation, I have a baker, a cocktail enthusiast, and a coffee fanatic.

For the baker, I found a really cute $3 holiday potholder and snowman cookie cutter combo in the sale bins at Target. I used that to hold the gift card, and then used two sheets of tissue paper and some red ribbon to complete the wrap.


When finished, you can place it under the tree, or, since it has a hook, you could even hang it in lieu of a stocking on the mantle.


For the cocktail enthusiast, I found a small plastic shaker in the dollar bins at Target. I then got his favorite candy, M&Ms, a roll of cellophane wrap, and I found a four pack of ribbon in the same discount section.


I put the gift card in the shaker, covered it with the candy, then wrapped the entire thing in cellophane and tied it with a ribbon. Easy-peasy.


Finally, for my coffee fanatic, Target had letter mugs on sale for $5, so I picked a B mug, bought some holiday confetti in the dollar section, then used the same cellophane from the shaker purchase, plus another roll of $1 ribbon.


I put the gift card in the mug, covered it with the confetti, wrapped it in cellophane and then tied it with the ribbon. If you had someone who liked tea, you could easily buy a set of tea bags and cover the gift card with tea instead of confetti. The combination possibilities are endless.


Don’t be afraid of the time or expense you think creative wrapping will take. I was able to complete all three gifts in an afternoon, and spent less than $20. Just take your time, browse the aisles, or, if you really want to be sure you are spending wisely, head to your local dollar store and get everything there.

What tips do you have for creatively wrapping a gift card? Please share them in the comments below. Happy gifting!

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  1. Anne Babich says:

    If you have someone like my son/Jenny’s husband, Bryan, who likes to shake his gifts and guess what’s inside, put the gift card in a small box with a few loose candies or marbles in side. That way they will have no idea that it is a gift card and it will drive them crazy trying to guess.

    Recycle the front of an old card and attach it to a card stock paper making an envelope pocket. You could even punch holes around the edges and lace the two cards together as we did back in my day. :) Punch a hole at each corner and add ribbon or pipe cleaners to hang it by. Maybe add a little Christmas ball on one side of the ribbon or pipe cleaner. My grandmother used to do this for cash, and she would hide them as ornaments on the tree, and we would be so excited to dig through the tree and find our prizes!

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