Whistle While You Work: Cleaning Checklists To Keep You Sane


There is nothing more frustrating than spending an entire day cleaning your home, only to have it completely in shambles again the next day. Want to keep a clean home but don’t have access to a crew of helpful woodland housekeepers like Snow White? You can by maintaining a cleaning schedule.

Think of your desk at work. Do you function better when it’s piled with papers or when it’s clean and organized? Most likely, it’s the latter. The same goes for your home.

I feel much more in control of my life by keeping up a quick 30-minute daily cleaning checklist (which can be broken up throughout the day), as it keeps my home clutter-free, and also provides the benefit of reducing the time it takes me to do my weekly chores.


Below is a list of cleaning items that you can tackle throughout the year (courtesy of Household Management 101):

* Pick up clutter and neaten each room in the house
* Clean up the kitchen after each meal
* Deal with spills immediately
* Put away everything that comes into the house (mail, groceries, etc.)

* Clean all the rooms in your home (dusting, floors, etc.)
* Laundry
* Menu planning, making grocery list and grocery shopping

* Sweep garage, basement and attic
* Wash or air pillows
* Wash windows

* Air and turn mattresses
* Clean drapes and curtains
* Wash rugs and clean carpets
* Clean basement, garage and attic (this is a great time to make a larger donation to your local Goodwill or thrift shop with items you no longer need)

If this list is overwhelming, start simple. Challenge yourself for one week to make your bed each morning, and clean up clutter around the house before you go to bed at night (including hanging up clothes, putting away shoes, etc.). It only takes a few minutes, and you will be amazed how much better your house will feel by doing those two simple starter tasks.

FINAL_JB_CleaningTips_010614_3   FINAL_JB_CleaningTips_010614_4

Once you have a couple of weeks under your belt, work your way up to doing the full 30-minute daily cleaning checklist, and then keep moving up until you are able to complete the checklists for the entire year.

The key is consistency. Bryan and I clean our house every Thursday night. Why Thursday night? Because cleaning on a weekend day was taking away “our time,” so we decided it bummed us out a little bit less to complete our chores on a work night. Everyone’s schedules are different, so you might have to do some trial and error to find what works for you, but stick with it, and you will soon find that keeping your house clean is less of a chore.


4 Responses to “Whistle While You Work: Cleaning Checklists To Keep You Sane”

  1. Laura M says:

    Great idea to clean Thursday night. I hate losing half my weekend to laundry & cleaning.

  2. anne babich says:

    I love the making of the bed example. I think it is the best way to get the day started and after a life time of being married the last one out of bed has to make the bed in our house.
    My biggest clutter problem has been paper. (Mail, coupons, reminders notes and such) The handle it once and file it or through it away never works. Any ideas?

  3. anne babich says:

    Ok Jenny…it is late and the spelling correction is throw not through. LOL Your bed looked lovely but where were the pups?

    I am glad to know that you were cleaning tonight . An off day of the week is better then spending any day of the weekend cleaning. Great idea.

    • thewildernessgirls says:

      Anne: I have the same issue with mail! I need to get a better filing system and then start the habit of filing as things come in. I will let you know how it goes. :) #Jenny

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