Thank You for Being a Friend, Etsy!

Bryan likes to joke that I act old for my age. He sees the glimmer in my eye when I see an ad for Viking Cruises, that bathtub with the door, or even the cane that stands on its own. I think I have always been a bit of an old soul. So, it is no surprise that The Golden Girls was one of my favorite shows growing up.

Who am I kidding? It’s still one of my favorite shows (and I may have a couple of seasons on DVD). I love Sophia’s crazy stores that always start with “Picture it..”, Rose’s sweet nature and St. Olaf stories, Dorothy’s quick wit, and Blanche’s Southern charm and obsession with youth.

I was surfing the net one afternoon and stumbled upon an article on People’s website called “15 Awesome Golden Girls Items You Didn’t Know You Needed,” and got extremely excited about the world of product on etsy that I didn’t know about.

I don’t know why I always forget about shopping etsy when I am looking for something unique (ether a gift or something for myself). Inspired, I decided to do my own search and share my favorite etsy Golden Girls items.


1. The Golden Girls Spray Paint Tote Bag
2. I’m a Dorothy/Rose/Blanche/Sophia Print
3. Golden Girls Cupcake Toppers
4. The Golden Girls Brick People Toy Set
5. Golden Girls House Scale Model
6. Golden Girls Greeting Card (with cheesecake)
7. Golden Girls Magnets
8. Blanche’s Bedroom Fabric
9. Dorothy & Rose & Blance & Sophia T-Shirt

The great thing about etsy is not only that you can find unique products on even the most obscure pop culture, but that you are supporting small shop owners.

So, the next time you need a great gift, don’t forget about etsy. If you need a good starting point, check out Christina’s BFF Gift Guide.

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  1. Andy says:

    You are delightful. :)

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