You Can’t Google That


Two weeks ago, Christina and I went to breakfast and then to get our nails done. On the way to meet her, I remembered something I needed to pick up at the store, but since I was driving I didn’t write it on my shopping list, and sure enough I completely forgot by the time I parked.

During breakfast, Christina and I had a discussion on our frustration with our memories lately. We weren’t sure if our perceived memory loss was due to age or the constant inundation with information that we have in the smartphone age.

Christina commented that sometimes she kind of misses the old days when you would have to think of something all day and then you would have that eureka moment at 3 a.m., instead of being able instantly find answers on any number of questions that pop up in a typical day (“Where have I seen that actor/actress before?” is my most common query.)

I immediately countered her comment with “I don’t miss that at all! I would love to be able to look up what I am trying to remember right now.” We continued our breakfast and then went to our mani appointments, while I wracked my brain trying to figure out what it was that I needed. All I knew is that it was important to something I was doing that day, and it wasn’t something I could not afford to forget.

An hour later, as I was buckling up to head home, it hit me – cupcake cups! That’s what I needed! Every year for St. Patty’s Day I make my Guinness, Whiskey and Irish Cream cupcakes, and I was out of the paper liners. You know what else I learned? Christina was right. It was so satisfying to finally remember what it was that I needed, and to do it on my own, without the help of my phone.


If I had not remembered, and only realized it when I got home, I might not have the same conclusion, but for now, I will admit that I was wrong. Just this once. For the first time ever. (Ha!)


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