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When Rob & I purchased our first home in late 2012, one of the items on our wish list was a third bedroom. In our condo, our spare room had worn many hats, serving as storage room, office, guest room & art space. Needless to say, it was always cluttered and only had room for an air mattress. We were hoping for two spare bedrooms so that guests had a real bed, room to unpack and weren’t forced to share space with my art supplies. I also wanted a separate room so that if we had someone staying with us long-term, I’d still be able to work on projects, manage my Etsy shop and do school work.

We were fortunate enough to find a great house, with a third bedroom for my art space. However, when we first moved in the room became a catch-all for art supplies, spare furniture, shop merchandise and random bits. I shut the door and there the piles sat. I went to work getting the rest of the house put together and planned to set-up and decorate the room once that was all done. Even though I didn’t have a functioning space, I still had projects to work on and schoolwork to do. Before I knew it shipping boxes, textbooks and art supplies had crept into every room of the house! In September we’ll have owned our house for a year and I’m determined to have the room set-up before then.

The room is pretty small, it measures 10×10. I need room to sew, paint & scrapbook, do homework, blog, and manage my Etsy shop. I also need plenty of storage for supplies, magazines & books. I’d like to be able to display my collections, art and inspiration material. It’s also really important to me that I have extra seating, so that Rob can hang out and read while I’m working or to host friends for the craft nights I’ve been dreaming of.

I’d like the space to feel airy & feminine with bright art & accessories and an eclectic mix of furniture. The color palette was inspired by Patricia Bravo’s Summerlove fabric collection. I was also inspired by the art spaces of two of my favorite bloggers: Danielle from Kischy Digitals & Jamie from Raising up Rubies.

Here is an inspiration board that I put together featuring furniture and accessories that I already own or hope to buy and DIY projects that have inspired projects for the room:


MASKROS Pendant Lamp
“Don’t Give Up” Print
Eiffel Ghost Side Chair
Wall Terrarium
Mid-Century Walnut Bookcase
DIY: Twin Track Bracket Shelves
NIPEN Table Leg
Gooseneck Desk Lamp
DIY: Wood Shim Wall Art
Edland Dressing Table
RASKOG Utility Cart
DIY: Torn Fabric Garland
Yellow Chevron Pillow

I’m a few weeks into this project and have already made a lot of progress.

I started by clearing out the room; anything that wasn’t going back into the room found a new home or ended up in the garage. I removed the sliding doors from the closet to make it more accessible. I painted the walls and hung a bamboo shade and curtains over the window. I also hung curtains over the closet opening. I stashed all of my junk in the closet. Then Rob helped me move in my existing furniture we which we re-arranged several times before finding the perfect layout. I already own the EDLAND Dressing Table (discontinued) and a basic white desk from IKEA that I plan on adding the NIPEN legs to. I’ll use my Nanny’s sewing table to house my sewing machine.

I’m still on the hunt for a mid-century bookcase, a comfy vintage chair and inexpensive storage bins. I’d also like to plant a terrarium and buy a potted plant or two. I need to hang art, shelves that will display my collections and there are several DIY projects that I should be wrapping up soon. I’ve got lots to do – I better get to work! I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

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  1. Scott says:

    Nice I might want you to swing by and take care or some rooms in my house. I am being to lazy to renovate. Good ideas though

  2. Christy Snedeker says:

    I have the perfect couch……….

  3. Tiffany Bolton says:

    I would love to see the paint color you chose!

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