How I Budget for Home Decor: What to Buy at Big Box Stores

In my last post on budgeting shared a little bit about the 70/30 rule that I use when decorating my home.

I break my budget down into three categories:
Foundational Furniture (High-Quality)
Beautiful Things I Can’t Live Without (Lovely & Unique Conversation Starters)
Accessories (Neutral & Trendy)

You can maximize your design dollars by shopping big-box retailers and knowing what to buy. They’re a great, affordable resource for both neutral & trendy accessories.

Accessories will make your house homey. Start with plants, framed photos, candles and cozy textiles. When choosing neutral accessories, select solid colors or classic patterns. Neutral accessories should be able to stay through a room re-design or be used in a different room. When selecting trendy accessories, have fun and look to current design trends. But, remember to check price, they should be inexpensive enough that you won’t feel guilty switching them out with the season.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite stores and the types of accessories I like to buy at each one:

Lamps, Linens, Candles & Bath Accessories

Home Goods
Woven Baskets, Lamps, Pillows & Quilts

World Market
Bath Accessories, Curtains, Hardware & Homemade Accent Pieces

Frames, Pillows, Plant Pots & Curtains

Dollar Tree
Glassware (think mason jars, bud vases and tea light holders) & Plant Pots

In my next post on budgeting, I’ll give you a tour of my living room and breakdown how I utilized the 70/30 rule along with a source list and budget breakdown.

What are your favorite big-box stores? Feel free to leave them below in the comments.


2 Responses to “How I Budget for Home Decor: What to Buy at Big Box Stores”

  1. Scott says:

    Don’t forget magnet boards at Ikea. I like shopping at these places so many good items to create with. Most of the time you can get it on the cheap too.

  2. Kimberly Jackson says:

    Lots of good information and times saving hints. Great for the individual that is
    just starting out on decorating a house.

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