Friday Finds: 9/13/13

Ever find something on your trip down the internet rabbit-hole that you just have to share with the world? The Wilderness Girls do! Every week we will link you to our favorite bits of the internet right here on Friday Finds. Click the links below to check out this week’s selections!

Origin of the Poodle Skirt: I’m currently having a re-obsession with cirlcle skirts and came across this fabulous interview with Juli Lynne Charlot the creator of the original poodle skirt.

Multitasking:There’s an App for That: Looking for an app (or 12) that will solve all your problems? I’m guilty. Jeff DeGraff makes a strong arguement to stop multitasking already!

Awkward Years Project: Remember those years between when you were a kid and your now awesome self? This site is a great reminder that we have all been awkward at one point, and it’s ok!

A Tiny House: This guy built a tiny house out of a dumpster. It has all the basic needs and some pretty crafty engineering. I’m not looking to move in, but it is pretty interesting.

More Tiny Houses: The dumpster house is one-of-a-kind but it is not the only one. Check out these beautiful teenie tiny houses.

And a few Tree Houses: Some big, some small, some short some tall – check out these fascinating tree houses from around the world. Many are constructed of recycled or reclaimed materials and have minimal impact on the trees so inhabitants can truly celebrate nature and keep their footprint light.

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  1. Scott says:

    Neat sites for sure ladies. Good thing I never had that awkward stage as a kid. I was always this awesone

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