Eye Candy: BOHO Bedrooms

I’m a procrastinator. I also have a hard time living in the moment, choosing instead to spend my days making big plans for future days. Occasionally this can affect my productivity. Which is why it’s no surprise that in the midst of putting the finishing touches on my art space and preparing to re-do Rachael’s master bedroom, I’ve been daydreaming about making over my bedroom. I’m curious – can you call it a makeover if the room was never decorated to begin with?

Prior to moving into our home last year, Rob and I sold most of our furniture, if it didn’t work in our new space, we didn’t want to move it. Since then, we’ve been able to replace most of what we sold with furniture that fits our space. We were much more thoughtful as we shopped. Gone are the days of buying something simply because it’s cheap or it fits.

The master bedroom is a different story. Bedroom furniture is kind of essential. Rather than sleeping on the floor until we found the bed of our dreams, the old furniture came with us to the new house. There it has sat untouched for one year. I suppose we always assumed that we’d get to it once everything else was done. The crazy thing is we spend a ton of time in our bedroom. Who needs a living room when you can watch Apple TV in bed?

Why do we give so little attention to the bedroom?

Personally, I’m never quite sure how I want my bedroom to feel. Peaceful? Sexy? Bright? Stark? All of the above? I want to fall asleep in a quiet room with a moody vibe and wake up in a bright sunny one. Can this be done? Yes! Bohemian style is the best of all worlds.

Here are a few rooms I can’t get enough of:






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Now, I just have to talk my husband into it.

A girl can dream, right?


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