Art Space Reveal

I’m really excited to show you my art space today. It’s been a labor of love. The room had become a dumping ground for homeless furniture, vintage finds and too many art supplies. It took me about a month to clear out, purge and organize. Then I went to work making the space my own. I’m sure it will always be a work in progress, just like the things I create there. But, for now I’m in love with it. This space is my new favorite spot in our home.

I’m using the Edland dressing table as a desk that was a final markdown find from IKEA. The lamp is vintage; I topped it with a shade found at Target. The little white owl planter is from Joann’s. The scarf and embroidery hoop are local estate sale finds. I made the dream catchers hanging on the wall using doilies that belonged to my great-grandmother.


Originally I had planned to hang a gallery wall over my desk. But, I decided that I wanted something a little more organic with pieces that would be easy to change out every so often. The print in the middle is actually Rob’s birth certificate backed by a piece of scrapbook paper; the painting and the photo print were both done by yours truly.



The sewing table belonged to my Nanny and was passed on to me by my aunt. I also have her pinking shears and lots of unused patterns she collected over the years. I hope to share them with you in a future post.


The little sitting area showcases my favorite vintage chair; who doesn’t love crushed velvet? The basket and pillow are Home Goods finds. The shelves above display lots of my favorite things; a Crosley record player, which was a gift from my Mom, one of my favorite Neil Young records and a few owls from my collection (there are many more). I really love that Rob has a place to hang out while I work and our dogs love to lounge around in here too.



I already had the tabletop that I’m using as a cutting table; the Nipen legs are a recent addition, I love the pop of color they add. The utility cart is also an IKEA find and the notions box belonged to my Nanny. The tchotchkes lining the windowsill are vintage finds. One of my favorite pieces in this room is the pink lady portrait; it’s a print of a painting my dear friend Jan created when she was in middle school.


This room is pretty tiny, so I decided to take off the closet doors. After living with it this way for a couple of months, I know it was the right decision. It’s much easier to locate supplies and remove the tubs that store my tools and various crafty bits.


I wanted to create a spot where I could curate all my little bits of inspiration and corral my reference books, clipping binders and journals. The bookcase is vintage, eventually I’d like to paint it white and sew a fabric curtain to conceal the shelves. The ceramic deer is a new addition; I picked it up from one of my favorite antique malls for a couple dollars. I purchased the clay bowl in Mexico; it’s filled with little mementos that remind me of happy times. I bought a few mini clipboards and painted them a minty green color using sample paint that I had purchased for a different room. I hung the mini clipboards over a bulletin board; it’s still pretty empty, but I’ve slowly started to add fabric samples, quotes and photos of my favorite people.



The wood shim wall border (inspired by this post) turned out to be way more work than I originally anticipated. Don’t expect a DIY just yet; I sort of made it up as I went along (with a couple temper tantrums and lots of help from Rob). The border evolved over a couple of weeks because I couldn’t seem to recreate the image I had in my mind on the first try. I’m really happy with it now, but I think there is an easier way to do it. I’ll put a DIY post together once I figure it out.


I’m a very sentimental gal, some might call me a stage-five packrat. Over the last few years I’ve worked hard to purge the excess and only keep the things I love most. This room is filled with all of those things, lovely and unique images and objects that inspire me to create.

Thanks for letting me show you around.

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3 Responses to “Art Space Reveal”

  1. Scott says:

    Great ideas and great look for the room. It is nice to see that a makeover doesn’t have to be done for lots of cash or with expensive items.

  2. Kimberly Jackson says:

    Really cute and funky. Very colorful and fun but with a homey touch. Thanks
    for sharing your personal space with us.

  3. Jan says:

    Can I just say, “I love this room!”

    Oh, Christina, I really do think you are the daughter I never had! (With apologies and respect to your mom, Nanny and Auntie C!) I love that you have a Neil Young record (I remember that time driving with you and you actually knew who Joni Mitchell was!) the ceramic deer, the scarf, the sewing machine … and the fact that you are sentimental about old stuff and a pack rat!

    You have inspired me to get my sh*t together and clean up my sewing/craft room, purge some honest to goodness junk (or pass it on to you?) and start to create! Too much time spent thinking about it and not enough time “doing”!

    Thanks for sharing this awesomely, awesome room!

    PS – The “original” of the middle school painting is looking over my space right now, so we’re kinda connected by it. It will be yours one day. Sniff. :*)

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