About Christina
FINAL_WGBio_ChristinaChristina is the Wilderness Girls’ resident craftaholic, focusing on home decor & party planning. She’s here to prove that you don’t need a big budget to make your house a home.  During the week, Christina works in Real Estate for a Fortune 500 retailer, is a member of her company’s Toastmasters club and attends school in the evenings. But, on the weekends you’ll most likely find her in flip flops, painting, playing with her dogs or sneaking out of the house to wander through a vintage shop or thrift store. She lives in Phoenix with her husband Rob and their two defiant chihuahuas Corbin Dallas & Frank Stein. She loves brass animals, gummy bears, spray paint and her Vitamix.

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About Jenny
FINAL_WGBio_JennyJenny is the Wilderness Girls’ gal about town, focusing on travel and lifestyle. She is a firm believer that you can find adventure anywhere, be it across the world or in your own backyard. Jenny’s day job as a production manager for the nation’s largest content marketing firm involves coordinating hundreds of print marketing pieces a year for dozens of healthcare and Fortune 500 company clients. Her OCD tendencies that she cultivated throughout her life make her a natural fit for this type of work, and she hopes to pass on some of those skills to her readers to use in their travel and everyday lives. At home, she spends time with her husband, Bryan, and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Penny Lane and Eleanor Rigby. She spends her free time remodeling their 1957 ranch, seeing as many movies as possible, and enjoying time with friends. She loves Disney, cupcakes and HGTV marathons.

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About Rachael
FINAL_WGBio_RachaelRachael is the Wilderness Girls’ authority on sustainable home economics. She believes our families and our homes extend beyond our street address to include our communities and our planet. By day Rachael works in Energy Management & Sustainability for a Fortune 500 retailer. At home she is Mama, Wife, Sister and Daughter in a multigenerational household. She has been married to Jacob since 2001 and they have a young daughter who is the love of their life. Rachael serves her church social justice ministry and is an accomplished Toastmaster. She loves reading, knitting, movie dates with Jacob and hanging out with The Wilderness Girls.

In addition to the blog, you can also find Rachael on Instagram and Pinterest.